A new Beginning

I’ve decided to start blogging over.  I began blogging several years ago with “Covered in Roses” and while I loved the name  it really wasn’t growing at all as a blog. And I would like it to. I tried to fashion my blog after so many of the women/mom bloggers I look up to – like Soulemama, Sew Liberated etc…  – but it just wasn’t working out.  I’ve decided to re-think and re-design and just plain start over. I’m needing a place where I can be a little bit more ME – Where I can complain if I need to, craft when I want and just plain blog about being a crazy, busy Mom. About a family that oftentimes goes in 10 different directions and I’m the one who makes it all fall into place.

My name is Sarah – I’m 38 ish years old. I have 2 beautiful children  – Rowan is 16 –




Homeschooled all of her life. A little grumpy – but what 16 year old isn’t?  and a lot awesome. A ginormous introvert that is learning that growth is important – slowly.  She rides (horses) and is learning Dressage.

Jaia – she’s my baby – 11 years old. She was born 13 weeks premature  – Our miracle baby. Jaia loves horses also but chose Irish dance as her passion –



She is homeschooled also but has a fascination with all things school. We have a “locker” set up in the basement, and each year we make her school list and we shop for school. Oh and she has uniforms – 3 of them, because for some reason she insists on wearing uniforms to “school” AKA – our kitchen table. Yes we’d buy the supplies anyway, but this year we have a school name and supply list etc… just like the local schools. No she doesn’t want to go to school. She likes the freedom of our kitchen table too much.


Welcome to my blog and into my home and heart. I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I think I will enjoy writing this new blog.

Bright Blessings

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