A new binder

I told you that Jaia is super excited about school starting (homeschool) and that she loves all things school supplies – well – yesterday we hit the thrift store for a few things. I’m looking for zippers and bags of vintage fabric. I found nothing, but I scored one of those zippered binders for J. She was and is super excited. She came home and loaded it up and even made dividers out of construction paper to organize her school work WITHIN the binder.


She’s in 7th heaven and has been carrying it around since we bought it. It was $2.00 – perfect.   Here she is in her uniform skirt and blouse, new pug socks and her binder and backpack. She just kills me!

Last night while Rowan was having a riding lesson – I looked over and saw this….


and this….


Like I said – she kills me 🙂 J brought grammar, history and math to work on while Row was riding.  I might actually need to add a few more subjects to our already full list this year.

I’m not “supposed” to take pictures of Row’s lessons but I snuck a few anyway – here’s my favorite.


The heat was AWFUL last night – Pharma was dripping before Row even started riding her – by the end of the 45 minute lesson we were all dripping and I was only sitting – Don’t worry – the horse was fine. She’s an Arabian as Rowan keeps telling me – they are bred for working in the heat. SHE was still hardly puffing at the end of  the lesson .

Have a spectacular weekend!

Bright Blessings –

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