All signed up for classes

Both of my girls have been pretty much homeschooled from the get go. Rowan and I did one year at our local Waldorf school when she was 4; she as a student and I as the assistant teacher in the kindergarten class. We loved it but when Jaia came alone 13 weeks premature , I made the decision to finally stay home with out working and homeschool. Actually the decision was probably made the summer I got pregnant but became even more important by the time my preemie was born.

Homeschooling has been both a  blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get to spend time with my girls and NO ONE else is raising my children. A curse because we are homebodies, so I have to sometimes force myself out of the house. Rowan doesn’t care – she’s an introvert to the core and would stay home all the time. I do think some of her socialization skills have suffered because of this but who knows. An introvert is always an introvert. Oh we’ve always done things with other children and homeschool groups so it’s not like we were hermits.  Small intimate playgroups and classes etc… But Row prefers home.  I have thought about sending both to traditional  schools but I honestly think it would make things worse not better. I have to trust that as she grows and matures she’ll find her way.

Jaia on the other hand, likes to do “stuff”! Can we go to the mall mom? Can you call so and so so we can play mom? etc… For her I need to be out of my own personal box more. I’m working on that.

I’ve signed both of the girls up for our local homeschool classes this year . This will be rowan’s third year and Jaia’s first year. Jaia is super excited! School!

Rowan is taking geometry, yearbook and advanced photography (outside classes) along with history, science, art appreciation etc… (at home) and Jaia is taking science enrichment, an art and a grammar class – We’ll also do science and grammar at home so double the fun!

We went last night and met all the teachers, got the girls signed up properly for class, switching row from algebra 2 to geometry etc… and then listened to the “talk” from home link organizers – all the good stuff of course and totally appropriate – no cheating, be kind and courteous, don’t plagiarize and PAY YOUR FEES etc…

Jaia took some selfies during the talk –


It was extremely hot but Jaia is excited about this new adventure in her life!

Bright Blessings!


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