Last week on the way home from our barn, my daughter and I stopped in a little shoppe called “something different” – I think- . It’s a cute little shop on the main drag of a small town in illinois. She sells/consigns handmade items and makes her own jewelry to sell.  She and I talked a little bit, which is when I found out she’ll sell handmade items in her shop – well – I thought I’m going to give it a try!!

I enjoy sewing  a great deal but I just don’t sew a lot! My girls are past handmade momma things (except for christmas pajama pants – but I can’t make those all year round) so my sewing is usually the occasional zippered pouch or lunch bag etc…  I really want to try and sell some of my cute zippered pouches in this little shop  – just to see what will happen –

Yesterday I sequestered myself in the basement where I cut and sewed until I started sewing things together THE WRONG WAY – that’s my sign I need to stop for a while – lol! Of course I couldn’t find my seam ripper and I think it’s about time I go and buy a zipper foot for my swing machine – I don’t have one and have always just made do  – but I need and want to make – maybe 6 – pouches for the shop so I’m thinking it’s time 🙂


I literally use all the space in my basement as my work area – Here I’m cutting out lining for my lunch bag on the basement floor – aka the playroom aka jaia’s dance floor.


Outside of the lunch bag – I LOVE this material! Do you have a hard time cutting fabric too?


Attempting to sew the 2 pieces of fabric to the zipper – The green is the lining and it’s facing the wrong way – I didn’t notice until I had the pieces sewn together – I’m off today to buy a new seam ripper –


The outside.

I’m wanting to make zippered pouches out of vintage material – but the few pieces I have currently are too fragile to use. BUT I am using all vintage zippers!  Baby steps right?

I’m hoping also to draw visitors to my new blog! and through my blog – to my etsy shop where I can maybe sell more handmade schtuff –

 And WELCOME to my very first follower! I am so excited to have you!!

Tomorrow Jaia and I are off to Kansas City for another feis – Irish dance competition – Keep your fingers crossed – she’s hoping for a first place this weekend and has really been practicing for that .

Stay cool and Bright Blessings!

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