And chaos reigns

So Saturday after wandering around St. Charles for 5 hours or so, I realized a few things (about myself ) that are fairly new developments –

1 – I hate nicknacks – Really I always have but shopping Saturday reinforced it.

2 – Every shop sells the exact same thing in 100’s of different forms. I saw scarves – a lot of silk ones,   jewelry (some nice and handmade, some cheap and crappy), purses, artwork (some well done and some my daughter can do in art class)  and  lots of misc odds and ends. All glittery, painted and generally not my style. 🙂

3 – pub crawls are stupid, the people are loud and obnoxious (and really funny to watch after they’ve been drinking for hours!)

4 – I need regular days by myself

My husband had his day to himself on Sunday – I took Rowan to the barn so she could ride and had a generally  okay day.

I think I’m past the weeping at every move stage. Our marriage is not over – just in need of revamping and I need to examine my place in this relationship. How to make my acceptance of myself a priority so I can make my marriage success a priority.  Self Love right?  I found a yoga class down the street from Jaia’s dance class and (this his how her teacher is) – her teacher is SO AWSOME that I can bring J a 1/2 hour early and she can sit until her class starts – just so I can get to  a yoga that starts at the same time.  I do love this dances school that we are a part of – it’s as much Family as not.  Now – if I can only make it tonight.

Monday/Yesterday started our week of chaos. We had a private dance lesson, Rowan started her side walking sessions with the horse therapy clinic, and then we had to make a dash over to Illinois for HER private riding lesson (which was fantastic)  – Whew – and that’s just the start of the week. Today is the start of the girls’ Tuesday classes, and darn it if  I’m not stuck here for the morning.  Oh well  – one must make the most of free time no matter how it’s handed to you right?

Tomorrow is another day of crazy running around – I’m gonna go bonkers –

Now that I’ve taken a mental deep breath and I think I’m past doom and gloom – we can get back on track – School year started off rocky but not really rocky so I’m hoping things will calm down in the weeks to come!

Bright Blessings


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