Baby steps!

No – no babies for us – but things seem to be going up rather than down this week – My husband and I had our first couples counseling this past Monday – I think in the long run it will be very good for us. I left with more confidence in making our relationship work – in starting over fresh and working up to make making this relationship what we BOTH want.   Personal growth is what we are (both) working on. I definitely need to have more “me” time or I get cranky, cranky and I think that’s a factor in how I’ve been feeling. OH there are most definitely other factors –  but  for 16 1/2 years I’ve been MOM – Oh there’ve been times here or there that I’ve focused on “me”, but nothing steady or continuous. Yoga in my living room, a few yoga classes here or there – a wonderful 4 year job at the library etc…. .  My husband has his own struggles to work through.

We each will meet with our counselor once and then we’ll have another session together.  I hope in my heart that we come together stronger, better friends, more accepting. Really.

I also think it might be a good idea for our 16 year old to go – She’s been exposed to our sometimes toxic fights and our bickering and silent treatments –  and I know, I know, it’s not been good for her.  And I am so sorry for that.

Starting my own personal growth – I took a lovely almost 6 mile bike ride Tuesday while the girls where in their classes. It was amazing and it felt wonderful to get out there and ride. I ALSO took a yoga class – my first in about 3 years. And it was  FABULOUS! Oiy – my body aches today! But I need to make it consistent so I bought their 8 week $88 special! Yay! And I have an appointment to get my hair cut -a curly hair cut.  And, also, taking 20 minutes before grocery shopping to sit in my car eating crappy fast food and playing games on my iPhone doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Now that I don’t feel like my relationship is in immediate danger of falling to pieces around my ears, I might be able to get back to blogging about more mundane things – like homeschooling and all things related, dance, riding lessons,   and how my less that 4 month old, brand new, kenmore dishwasher sucks. Or maybe about my kick a** potato leek soup I made this evening and that I took absolutely no pictures of.  (IT was amazing if I do say so myself). About how my 16 year old and I bicker a lot – a lot. (side effect maybe?) About Life.

And I think I found a new tv show  – The Mysteries of Laura – hysterical!

Thank you for listening to me- It’s good to have an ear when I need one –

Bright Blessings –



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