Mundane life (thank goodness!) and scrabble letter magnets

Well things seem steady. I am working hard to NOT fall back into old patterns between my husband and I – and I have to say it is HARD! I’m working though. I’ve been figuratively hit in the head with a frying pan – and I’m hearing that wake up call. Life moves forward and we’ll see where it takes us.

We went on an awesome “hike” as a family last weekend – our first in a long time – It was fun. Rowan took her camera and my husband and I played and actually laughed like we hadn’t in months – years?



Row, on the ground, taking pictures of some cool fungus – She captured a couple phenomenal pictures of some psychedelic orange mushrooms on that walk –

I’m scoping out other local parks to hike in now – maybe a new one each month? Week?

We’ve been at our new barn for 6 weeks now and Rowan very much enjoys it there –  It’s super good for her I think, being away from teen drama and girls that make no move to include her in any way shape or form. Oh I’m not saying my daughter is “innocent” but it’s SO hard to TRY to fit in when you have no connection, when none of the girls are trying to bring you into their group, their fun. For an introvert, for someone feeling on the outskirts, it’s like swimming an uphill battle while everyone else is running down. (been there)

It’s all good at our new barn. The people are super nice and we go, she spends time with Pharma and we leave. Barn life.

In the tack room there are a row of lockers for storage. Rowan was lucky enough to snag one one afternoon while we were there talking with the owner. It’s first come first grab 🙂

The problem? Albeit a minor one –   None of them are labeled so if the owner wants to know who belongs to which locker, she has to open each one hoping for a sign  – We came up with this solution for Rowan’s locker –


It was super easy!  First I scavenged our game shelf for an old scrabble game we never used – it was missing a few letter tiles anyway – and I let the girls dig through for letters  – what ever they wanted to spell –  (the magnet strips I bought at Michael’s craft supply store)



We glued the letters down with  E6000 super duper industrial strength glue – (bought at Joann’s fabrics). We actually use this glue to “bling” Irish dancing dresses – It’s hard core stuff.



Jaia got in on the act too – her’s says ” Fancy” and “Dance” –


Voila! The girls enjoyed making these and I foresee some super easy christmas gifts to give out this year – lol! NOW I hit thrift stores to scour for scrabble games 🙂

School today and I’m getting my hair cut for the first time in a year!? Wowza! Way to never pamper myself huh?

Bright Blessings –

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