This was a busy weekend and crappy week. Jaia had a Feis again this past Saturday – within 1/2 an hour from home so of course we had to go – I had toyed with the idea of skipping since the numbers were so low but I’m actually glad we didn’t.

Jaia ended up with another 1st place! I am so proud of her – This one is also her treble jig , which is a hard shoe dance- so that’s 2 first places for the same dance. I’m particularly impressed with this one though, since some of the dance competitions were merged – meaning there was not enough in one particular dance to actually count it so they merged it with another. She was merged with an upper aged competition and was actually dancing against her friends who have ALL placed first in several dances.  She  pulled it off! Super proud momma moment. She also received two 4th place ribbons and a 5th place ribbon (there were 5, 5th place ribbons in that dance – judges apparently had a difficult time deciding). I didn’t take a lot of pictures since the venue was in a huge concrete box with no windows – sapped my battery within hours!


Jaia’s friend putting on her makeup –

It was a good day but I was exhausted – I attributed that to getting up at 5 to get ready.

Sunday Rowan had a riding lesson – unfortunately I don’t have pictures 😦 But it was a great lesson and Row is learning so much from them – She’s now talking about doing shows and such – oiy – Again I was exhausted and again I was up by 5:30 –

That afternoon I had to take my husband to the airport. I came home and laid down and fell asleep for 2 hours! I felt so bad -some sort of head cold captured me and hasn’t let me go yet – Monday , other than Rowan’s volunteer work – I cancelled everything else and stayed in bed most of the day – Dinner was frozen pizza and watermelon – yum.  Each day I’ve felt a little better though – I am still fighting this head cold and sniffling and now I’m starting to cough but slowly but surely I’m feeling like I don’t have to be lying down all day long.

Yesterday I also went on my first solo therapy session – I’ll tell you about that another day. This morning we are off to the barn so Rowan can ride and then there is school work and of course dance tonight –

Bright Blessings!

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