It’s only been 6? days since my last post~

And really, in my defense, I’ve been sick. I came down with that head cold/sore throat nastiness that then lasts for weeks and weeks as a cough. Blah! It’s horrible -and now my Rowan has it.  Sick enough to miss yoga and to not be able to ride anywhere!  All my new found activities for ME I had to put on  hold!

We decided to try eggplant parmesan last night for dinner- our own made up recipe:) It ended up being delicious!


Friday though, I had a major melt down. Everything just landed on my shoulders, oh I’ve cried plenty these 4 weeks but nothing like this, the weight of it all, the “what ifs”, the worrying, the hope, all just came careening down.  The catalyst?  My daughter flat out refusing to finish the geometry problems she’s skipping out of sheer laziness and then being told to go to hell by the very same child. The child I literally bend over backwards for to make it all happen.  Normally these things don’t bother me too much -I know it’s just posturing and (hopefully) not really what she means – but yep – that sent me over the edge.

Friday sucked.

But the rest of the weekend was actually pleasant and I can see small improvements .  I can feel shifts inside myself  – growing, learning to love myself again, remembering who I was pre children.  Growth is a scary, fabulous thing – even with all the grey murky areas out there.

Saturday I took Row to a horse show – not for her to show in (yet) but for her to help out at.


My life is made up of horses and irish dance. What a combination.

I dropped her off and came home – no reason for me to be sitting there for 8 hours while she worked.

My husband, Jaia and I went out for burgers, made a stop at the library and then hit Jefferson Barracks for a quick loop around the track. It was a very pleasant afternoon.


Attempting the monkey bars.

Sunday I went to the Strange Folk Festival – alone. That’s tomorrows post.

Today is another day – school, hopefully some sewing etc.. With Rowan not feeling well we are laying low for a few days.

Bright Blessings!

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