Essential Oils

I’ve always had an interest in herbs – making salves  and such – but essential oils have never really piqued my interest – Until very recently. I have a friend who absolutely loves her Young Living Essential Oils (  I decided to give it a go and order their starter package. My hubbie was okay with it so off I went.

I ordered the Young Living Premium starter kit –

It actually took a good 2 weeks for it to arrive – I think they must have had a rush of new orders placed.

My kit arrived and I must say that I absolutely love it – The diffuser is fabulous – just drop a few drops of your oil preference in the well and turn it on – It smells wonderful – I think I’m going to surprise my husband and get one for his office –


My kit came with the diffuser, a box of oils and another box of samples –  for me to pass out to grow my business. I really didn’t sign up in order to become a “business”, but I have to admit that that would be nice!



We’d been using the oils primarily in the diffuser all week but last night I used some to help sooth this lingering cough my husband and I have –

I follow a wonderful woman on Facebook who uses these oils all the time and this recipe is hers –

Make a cup of chamomile tea (I used a tea bag seeped for 3 to 5 minutes)

add 2 drops of the thieves oil

2 drops of the lemon oil

and honey to sweeten – at least a teaspoon.

I have to admit the results were wonderful! It curbed my husbands cough (and he’d been coughing for a good 20 minutes prior to bed) and mine as well! We were both able to sleep with out a coughing fit keeping us awake! I’m sold – Now my interested are herbs AND essential oils – along with everything else!

If you are interested in ordering anything please pm me and I can walk you through the process –

Tonight is the very last Food Truck Friday of  the  year and we are making plans to go!

Bright Blessings –

(I received NO compensation for this post – I’m just very pleased)

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