Last week ended up being a much less hectic week than I thought it would be. Which was lovely. I ended up going to yoga and on a wonderful bike ride. We also squeezed in some crafting –

IMG_2806 IMG_2816Jaia and I worked on two different telescope kits. Since she’s studying astronomy for science, I thought this might be fun. I ordered one kit that had a telescope making kit, constellation stuffs and a few other activities. BUT then I ordered the telescope only making kit since I wasn’t impressed with the first one. Currently they are both works in progress.


For the first time in a year or more I dug out my bread machine. I had grabbed a bag of bread flour at the grocers so I wanted to give it a go.

I used this recipe from King Author flour - – (since that was the brand I purchased) and I followed the recipe to the T! Well I may have added more butter. The bread turned out wonderful! Light and fluffy and with a great, yummy taste! It was gone the next morning. I will be making this recipe again! Maybe even today since it’s cold and damp here in the Midwest. Perfect hot bread weather.


We also worked on some recycled bottle cap necklaces – I will post directions on how to make these next week – they turned out wonderful! Then we made them in my homeschool co-op class 🙂

Life is continuing – I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

Bright Blessings   –


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