Bottle cap jewelry

Jaia and I have been fooling around with bottle cap  jewelry -because it looked fun, I had tons of bottle caps sitting around and also because I wanted to do this project with a group of homeschool kids for a class.

First gather your supplies – bottle caps –


You can just wipe them out with a wet paper towel or washcloth if they’ve been sitting around for a while – or are still sticky –

Nail polish –


Mod podge dimensional magic – I found mine at JoAnns Fabrics –


And anything you’d like to put into the center of the bottle caps. We stuck mainly with stickers and pictures from old Beatrix Potter books  – You could put ANYTHING in the center – beads, buttons, pictures, pieces of scrap book paper, watch parts, leaves, small vacation mementos (sand, tiny rocks etc), even fur from a beloved pet –

First thing – paint the inside of the bottle cap with nail polish -I just thought this was the best option – so many colors to choose from and it dries fairly quickly also



(paint with glitter on top – ) –


Owl sticker –


Jaia added a J to hers and then painted over it again with pink glitter nail polish –

After the nail polish is dry and you’ve added all the mementos you want to the center – You don’t really need glue to hold anything down, stickers will stick somewhat to the nail polish but you are also adding the ModPodge, and that holds everything together – FINALLY – you add the Mod Podge – Carefully! sometimes it comes out quickly!


You have to get in there even and all the way to the edges  –

The hard part is letting it dry. The bottle says 3 hours but it really takes several days. Just set it to the side undisturbed and it will be fine –


Dried they look awesome! The purple one on the bottom Jaia had put on a really thick layer of nail polish  – and then I tried to pour the modpodge on top – It did not work out very well. The top one was painted dark blue and I found a picture of Mrs. Tiggywinkle to put int –

Hole punch the top or add a ring back and TA- DA! OR these could be made into magnets for your fridge – probably the easiest to do . Just glue a magnet onto the back with E6000 –

Enjoy – Bright Blessings –

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