Applesauce in the Vitamix and so much more

We were just busy enough last week to make it difficult to update the blog here –  but you know  – that’s okay – busy can be a good thing. We are looking at another busy, busy week this week as well.

The girls have been on an applesauce kick the past couple of weeks. With them gone all day Tuesdays to their homeschooling co-op I’ve been buying the small plastic travel size sauces from Trader Joes for their lunches – but they don’t last long since there were only 4! So I decided to make some and I wanted to see if I could make a batch using the Vitamix.

So we did. And it was SO easy and tasty!

We grabbed what ever apples we had in the house – and Rowan peeled and chopped them up into 1 inch pieces –



We filled up the Vitamix with chopped apples –  I guess about 4 cups of apples- Add about 1/2 to 1 cup of water – depending on how thick you want your applesauce – also depends on how well the blades run- sometimes I need to add more liquid so they don’t stop blending. Then blend  – gradually increasing speed to 10 and variable speed HIGH.



Add cinnamon and sugar to taste –


And voila  –  applesauce in about 5 minutes (minus peeling and chopping time) – it was a little runny for me, but I like a chunkier applesauce – The girls enjoyed in very much though! Gone in 2 days!

Thursday Rowan participated in a homeschool Archery class.  She did a great job! Hit the target each and every time! I was so proud of her!


Jaia while waiting for Row to finish – She worked on schoolwork –


I got a new book to read through – I will add this to my repertoire of herbal books and such -My husband actually ordered this for me for christmas but decided to let me have it early. I am so glad he did! Such a wealth of information and I love exploring new ways of keeping my family healthy during the winter months.


The girls and I hit a junk shop last week (literally a path down the center of the store with shelves, tupperware and piles of stuff all around! Couldn’t reach 90% of what was in the shop – But look what I found! Fantastic fabric – I love fabric 🙂  There’s about 6 yards on this bolt and I’m debating whether or not to list it in my esty shop –

(I hope that works)

Things between my husband and I are certainly looking up. The therapist we are seeing is fantastic! I really like her. I am feeling much more positive about the outcome of our marriage- I have to confess that often my thoughts strayed to figuring out divorce- something I didn’t really ever want to get to but I think that’s how my husband was feeling. So mentally I had to prepare for the worst.   But honestly – I am not filled with dread. I am constantly working on growing myself – I am making sure I go to a yoga class once a week at least and I also try to get a good bike ride in. I am feeling much much more confident internally about myself and I’m hoping it’s starting to reflect in our relationship.

Until next time – bright blessings –

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