So – Saturday this happened –


Saturday night, Jaia and I went to go see the Piano Guys. Just the 2 of us.


I had seriously been waiting since I bought CD #1 for them to come to St. Louis. Years. 4 CDs later they came!  I was probably the first one down to buy tickets (well probably not but it’s fun to think I was) and since it was only J and I going, I splurged and bought front row tickets. Right up against the stage. I could climb up there and touch the cellos and piano. Wow – I was amazed.



Waiting for them to come out – every so often – the closer it got to the start of the performance, you could see them walking around back stage.


Cellos and grand piano.

I have to say that the show was PHENOMENAL- We had the best time and Jaia kept repeating that it was the “best night ever”! Makes it all worth while.  I could have sat and listened for hours! Hours! I was just amazed. The way they play. Oh! I could go on for hours how wonderful it was! Now they just have to come back.

After the show since we had orchestra pit tickets we got to wind our way down stage and meet them. We shook hands and had our picture taken and Jaia “said” that John (piano guy) couldn’t dance at all – that got a laugh out of everyone in the room and I”m sure he won’t live that down any time soon.

Best night ever indeed Jaia-

Bright Blessings

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