City Museum Trip

Last Wednesday I sent Jaia along with friends to the City Museum while I took Rowan to get Pharma’s feet done.  I met up with the group after the barn  – Jaia had a fabulous day and enjoyed every minute of it – Here are a few pictures from that day –

IMG_2975Castle building out front –


Slide inside –


208 steps until you reach the roof top!


Jaia after climbing all 208 steps to the top!

IMG_2983        IMG_2986           IMG_2989

Fun on the roof of the museum – ferris wheel that really works – huge slide and the mantis on top of the dome – You could climb up to the top of the dome and then slide down – there are A LOT  of slides in this museum!!


Heading towards the 10 story spiral slide – Looking down the 10 stories – gave me the willies. I don’t like heights that much!

IMG_3008     IMG_3009     IMG_3010

Awesome fun in the tunnels!!


Twirly chair things on the roof top –


The “bus’ you can see this bus from the street since it over hangs the edge of the building. Normally you can climb into it but this afternoon they had it closed for repairs.

IMG_2995     IMG_3017     IMG_3018

Miscellaneous pictures – The City Museum is an awesome place and I am soooo glad that we got to go enjoy it for the day. Usually we don’t go because the entry fee is just sometimes a little too steep – especially when you add the extra fees  on for the roof top or the aquarium  –

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings!

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