I so need two of me

This week has seriously been nothing but nonstop running ! Last week too. Dance, riding lessons, metal working ( a short 4 week class), business class, etc. We really haven’t had a day at home to do “school”.   Today we have viola, helping out at a food pantry, riding lesson -where I’m going to have time making dinner I have NO idea. Tomorrow is metal working, homeschool co-op class then I have to run the dog down to my mother’s house since she’s watching one of them for us.  Dinner? Not sure. My husband is out of town again so unfortunately no help there – Saturday we are running another dog and some rats to their respective watchers for the week. Whew! Thankfully things seem to be ramping down, and once the cold weather officially hits, our adventures outside are going to go away!

There in an end in sight however! We are taking our very first ever family vacation to Florida!! We are going to the Harry Potter studios and all 4 of us are super excited. Butterbeer and interactive wands await! And the girls get to see the ocean for the first time ever –

I’ve also been working on photographing new items for my etsy shoppe –

IMG_3110 IMG_3109 IMG_3113


I cannot decide if I like them or not  – these pictures  to use in the shop that is – I love the items! The first is a necklace with an irish dancer  and then 2 more number holders for the dresses –

Cutting this short since I just realized the time! Off to viola!

Bright Blessings –


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