Florida part 2 –

We had a fabulous time visiting Universal Studios – Our main goal was the Harry Potter section so that’s where we spent most of our day –  In hind site  – a 2 day ticket would have been a good idea for us introverts – one day to explore Harry Potter – the next to explore the rest of the park. The ONLY frustration things was one of the rides – Gringotts – was having mechanical issues so they weren’t running it – in fact, had actually roped off the doors so no one else could get in the line – but for those of us ALREADY IN LINE  we had NO idea what was going on and no one was coming to tell us anything. After an hour (more actually)  in line we left – we were annoyed and frustrated – hopefully they figured out what was wrong but we never got a chance to ride the Gringotts ride.

IMG_3253 IMG_3263 IMG_3268 IMG_3275 IMG_3294 IMG_3315 IMG_3329IMG_3345IMG_3346IMG_3276IMG_3280IMG_3286IMG_3284 IMG_3331


We loved every minute of our trip and I would so highly recommend it should you get the opportunity to go!

Bright Blessings!

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