This past week we caught up a bit with our schooling. “Caught up” is a vague term for homeschoolers since we really aren’t beholden to schools or teachers (well yes we are to the extent that both girls are taking classes with homeschool groups, therefore they DO have homework to keep up with). HOWEVER, we “caught up” because the girls are not where *I* think  they should be right now. In my mind they should be a few more chapters into their science books or a few more sections through their history – but oh well. I DO have to remember that’s ONE  of the many reasons we homeschool – Flexibility.  (but they are still not caught up to me – LOL!)

I thought I’d post some of the resources I’ve been using or starting to use with the girls this year.

This is a great resource  – I like to use it to create spelling worksheets for Jaia to use with the spelling words I give her.

Great science information.

Our library! I love our library – they have tons of resources and homeschool days and I just saw that those with a library card can check out a telescope! I just may have to do that since Jaia is studying astronomy this year – Also they have an online language program that Rowan was/is using to learn Russian. No worksheets to accompany it but  – still it works –

Yes – Pinterest- when we need a recipe for “home ec” or more ideas for science projects – I hit pinterest.

When Rowan needs help I send her to Kahn Academy. (Honestly though, I’m not sure how much she uses it  – )

These are just a few of the resources I use with my girls.  I’m sure there are many, many more out there to discover.

Bright Blessings –


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