Make it Mondays

Hey there! – I am introducing a new feature to my lovely little blog! Welcome to my very first installment of  “Make it Monday”! I plan on making and creating during the week or over the weekend and then I will post the project, along with instructions or tutorial, on Monday!  My first project is super easy peasy and I’m sure you’ve seen this so many times over – but I’m going to do it again here 🙂

Over the weekend Jaia and I started our Yule/Christmas ornament making fun with easy baked dough snowflakes. It is really very simple. First you gather supplies – either Fimo or Sculpy brand clay and cookie cutters. I happen to have on hand snowflakes, snowman and a star shape. I prefer metal cookie cutters over plastic ones because I feel they make a nicer cut. You’ll also need paint and brushes.



First open the package and take out a good size piece of clay- larger than a golf ball but smaller than an tennis ball –


I had to hold mine for a few minutes in my hand to warm it up. It’s been sitting for a while –

After your clay is soft and pliable  – roll it out. I used a can of refried beans – I didn’t want to use my good rolling pin for craft clay – I keep these about 1/8 inch thick –


Use your cookie cutters to cut what ever shapes you want out of the craft clay – You CAN  use any color clay you choose – I wanted white so we could paint them.


I find it easier to remove the clay around the cookie cutter first – as opposed to removing the cookie cutter and then trying to separate the cut out from the main piece of clay –

IMG_3543Cut out to your hearts content. Jaia also made some AG food accessories – ice-cream – cinnamon roll and hamburger – Bake according to the package directions on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. These took about 15 minutes at 275*

IMG_3547IMG_3549After they are cool – then paint – I used glittery paint and gold paint. J did the same – but of course – paint whatever color you want!


After the paint is dry – add a cute ribbon or thread and hang to decorate!



Such a fun easy craft – even little ones can choose the cookie cutter shape and “help” you press it into the clay –

5 step recap –

1 – take a portion of clay and roll out.

2 – using cookie cutters – cut out shapes

3 – bake according to package direction

4 – when cool after baking – paint

5 – when dry after painting – hang!

Enjoy and have fun creating YOUR own decorations – of course there are so many different ornaments to make – valentines day, halloween, st. patrick’s day etc…. Go forth and create!

Bright Blessings –

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