Baking today

Today is BAKING DAY! We are not dividing our time driving across the states of illinois and missouri to appease our parents this year. This year, because my husband and I are having rough times, we decided to make our family a priority. We are going for lunch to my sister in laws house and then having friends over in the afternoon for deserts and drinks 🙂


Total fun!IMG_3583

So today I bake. I thought I’d share the recipes I am using today.


Yum! I don’t make the topping though – never have and there recipe is wonderful. The other thing – I’ve never used the maple sugar, only brown sugar.



Sweet potatoes already baked and out of the oven to cool –

Trying this recipe this year – my husband requested cherry pie – I will be using frozen cherries instead of canned.

Another  husband request –

Best gooey butter cake ever – and I don’t think she’s from St. Louis!

Also in the making –

Apple “dumplings”  – simply apples peeled and cored, covered with cinnamon, sugar , maybe some brown sugar, and then wrapped in pie crust.

Homemade whipped cream –

Baking in progress!

Bright Blessings!

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