Make it Monday

I hope you had a WONDERFUL  thanks giving! We had a very pleasant day. Lunch at my SIL’s house and then friends over for drinks and deserts later that evening.



Left over deserts. We played Cards Against Humanity and it is hilarious! Highly recommended!

Needless to say that with thanksgiving, and the beautiful 70* weather we had here in Missouri over the weekend , I was somewhat behind in making my “make it monday’ craft – but I did have one that I  made last year, last minute when I felt I needed more christmas decorations (we had christmas at our house).  Jaia and I decided to make a few more  –

Easy Peasy christmas tree decorations! OF trees  – not FOR  trees  –

Gather your supplies – poster board, glue, paint brush for spreading glue, books you don’t mind cutting up, ruler, scissors, pencil –



Start by picking your book ripping our cutting out pages. We’ll glue these onto the poster board –


Spread glue all over the poster board and use the paintbrush to even out –

Carefully and evenly add the book pages to the poster board. If you are using picture-less books than just glue them down, but if you are using picture books, then you may want to take a moment to figure out your placement before gluing down –



Smoosh and smooth down the pictures  – then flip over –



Measure the center of the TOP  of the tree and make a mark and then you are going to draw straight lines from the center mark to each bottom corner –  you can do this before you glue the pages on – makes no difference  –



After your lines are drawn – cut out –



Finished tree!



tree with picture book pages (and a star)




Tree from a Bobsy Twin hard back book –


Jaia did hers a bit differently – She carefully cut out the tree and the cut out the  story of Frosty the snowman and glued it to the bottom and then filled in the top with chapter book pages. Frosty live right in the center –

Variations we haven’t tried yet – use think foam board and fabric. – Water color paint the book pages. Make a garland out of small book page trees.

Enjoy and just have fun !

Bright Blessings!

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