More dough action

I was so pleased to see that Rowan (resident grumpy teen) got into the baked dough action last week as well! Only she had her own twist – one which I love.

She made name tags with the dough!



It’s basically the same concept – roll out dough, shape by using cookie cutters to cut out the shape or a knife to cut shapes as Rowan did here. Simple shapes  worked the best-  You could use any shape cookie cutter you want however, or color dough – These are just what we had on hand.


IMG_3567 IMG_3573


Then she used a smaller cookie cutter and cut out in the center of the larger piece – or off to the side, one corner etc…



THEN she dug out my tools for metal stamping, and personalized each name tag – awesome idea! They could double as ornaments next year actually –







She made a ton! I don’t know how many presents she thinks we are buying for the little cousins!

Bake according to package directions and voila! Cute, personalized name tags 🙂

Bright Blessings!



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