Make it Monday!

Painted ornaments!

This is another easy peasy christmas decoration idea – I’ve done this once or twice over the years as the children grew and it’s fun to see how their paint style changes as they grow – I would say that this is a good craft even for the youngest crafter – with supervision of course, so they don’t drop the ornaments – but it’s super easy and takes no time at all.

Collect your supplies – clear ornaments from your favorite big box store, a selection of paints, brushes, a way to hold the ornaments while drying, tissue paper, mod podge, glitter, yarn etc…





Prepare your crafting area first – I always put down freezer paper or a plastic placement under the paint. Saves my table 🙂  We are decorating our ornaments several ways today  – the first one – take that cute top off the ornament – just grab it and give it a firm tug – it should pull right out


–  Grab your paint – Jaia chose pink and gold for her first one-



Squirt the paint INSIDE the ornament and start turning and twisting the ornament so the paint starts to cover the inside- Depending on how thick your paint is depends on how much you will need to squirt in there – Don’t worry – after you have the inside colored the way you’d like you CAN dump some of the extra paint out –


Finished ornament with paint on the inside –

You can also paint the outside –



Paint AND glitter make awesome ornaments!

The final way we decorated our ornaments today – mod podge and tissue paper! Tear what ever color tissue paper you happen to have on hand, or your favorite christmas/yule color into 1 inch pieces. Spread a thin layer of mod podge all around the ornament and just press the tissue paper on. Cover the whole ornament  with tissue paper. After you’ve done that – just spread another thin layer over the tissue paper – It’s really as easy as it sounds!


We carefully propped the ornaments in various cups, on paintbrush ends, to let them dry.

After they are dry – pop the top back in – you might have to squeeze the little “legs” to get them back in the opening – just don’t squeeze too much so that they don’t hold! Add a ribbon or hooks and hang on your tree! Since our tree is not completely up yet – we’ll have to wait to put them on 🙂IMG_3707


For the smaller crafters – they can simply fill the inside with glitter, yarn, wishes written on paper, mini marshmallows, etc, etc….pop the top back on and there you have it!


Bright Blessings –

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