A busy/not so busy week

Some weeks my calendar is pretty bare, or so it seems, and then the week progresses – Monday Row had 2 volunteer sessions, they needed someone to fill in so she wonderfully volunteered, Jaia had a private lesson  – Tuesday was Homelink (homeschoolers school :), Wednesday  – Pharma (row’s horse) was due to have her feet trimmed –


And then Row rode. Jaia went for a play date with some friends she hasn’t seen for a while and ended up sleeping over 🙂 Rowan and I went shopping for her christmas present for her sister –

We wandered around the mall for a bit and just couldn’t find anything – We did stop in the American girl store where Row promptly felt it necessary to rearrange the horses  –



Ah! Leave it to a horse girl to not be satisfied with a plastic, toy horse display! She ended up choosing Pug-opoly for her sister – lover of all things Pug!

Today is another volunteer session and tomorrow is a riding lesson!

Whew! A busy but not stressful week thank goodness.  We were busy and not a lot of school work got accomplished – but that’s the joy of homeschooling – if we go further into summer -who cares?? and honestly sometimes an impromptu sleepover with friends is so much more important than math or Saturn –

Bright Blessings !


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