Make it Monday

So sorry for posting this so late today – I didn’t have it quite together this weekend to actually DO our project for today’s post – so J and I actually worked on it this afternoon. It’s also actually a 2 part craft – so check in tomorrow for craft part 2!

We made gifts to give today!

Easy peasy bath salts! Are you sensing a theme here with the easy peasy crafts? We are starting out our Make it monday series with some simpler crafts and we’ll eventually work our way up to more complicated crafts – all in good time –

With christmas – literally – right around the corner and cold seeping into your bones, long nights and short, short days, sometimes it’s nice to sit in a hot, relaxing bath before you crash for the night. While I’m not a “bath” person  – both of my girls are and they both love to sit and veg in the bath tub.   Homemade bath salts make a wonderful gift!

This recipe has been our go to bath salt recipe for a good year or more now. We made it last year for J’s birthday party – everyone got to mix their own and add their own fragrance. AND I also offered a homeschool class making this recipe – and lip balm as well (tomorrow’s craft)

First thing – Gather your supplies – Epsom salts, baking powder, essential oil – whichever one works for you – We picked lavender since it’s nice and relaxing, and we also decided to add some lavender buds since we had them on hand.


You will also need a bowl to mix it in and something to stir with – we used a whisk but any spoon will do, and something to give your gift in. Glass jars are usually what I use but since these bath salts are going to tweens we decided on a different route – small bags I found in the $1 section at our big box store. The are large enough for one cup of bath salts – enough for 2 to 4 baths depending on how much they put into their baths.  ALL of these supplies are super easy to come by –

The ratio for this particular bath salt recipe is 4 to 1 – 4 cups epsom salts to one cup baking soda –


Add your epsom salts to your bowl –


Then your baking soda –


Then add your essential oil – I think we added 10 drops but add what you want – Probably no more that 20 or it will be overpowering –


Just a few Lavender flowers – I orderer all of my herbs and dried flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs – they also have essential oils  –

We only added a table spoon or two because we discovered the hard way that flowers added to bath salts are a pain to clean out of the bath tub!

Give it all a good stir – until the oil and flowers are well incorporated and there are no lumps in the salt –


After it’s all mixed and everything is well incorporated – package your awesome bath salts!



If you’re using jars you can cover the lid with a piece of fabric – just cut it about 2 inches larger than the lid and glue it down or tie it with a ribbon around the mouth of the jar –

I know our local Joann’s has chalkboard stickers that you can use to decorate the front of the jars or bags –  (we haven’t gotten that far yet) – Or color the bags first or use stamps – so many ideas to decorate your bags or jars.

Have fun making bath salts! Make them to give  – or not:)

Bright Blessings!

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