Make it Monday

Oiy – I apologize for getting this out late! Between christmas in 3 days!! cleaning, shopping and prepping for company both christmas eve and day – I’ve gotten behind on things.  AND this will be the last christmas Make it Monday post –

This week we are making hanging paper ornaments – I’ve seen this floating around on the web, probably Pinterest,  so I do apologize for not giving credit where credit is due –


First thing   – gather your supplies – scrapbooking paper, a rotary cutter or scissor, cutting mat, ruler, stapler, tape and string or ribbon.


Cut out 1 inch strips of paper. I just cut the length of the scrap paper – You’ll need 6 per ornament. We got our scrap paper at our local big box craft store – this neat star paper is actually paper board – but feel free to use construction paper, that works too – OR old christmas cards to make smaller versions



After you’ve cut your 6 pieces of paper (cut only 6 or as many as you want depending on the number of ornaments you’ll be making) – You are then going to cut them in varying lengths, with the center being the shortest, the middle being 2 inches longer and the outer being 4 inches longer than the center. For example – My ornament has a center that is 8 inches, the next two  are 10 inches and the outer 2 are 12 inches.


You’ll put them together like so – The two shortest (8 inches) are the center, put them wrong sides together so you can see the scrapbooking paper from both sides.



The layer on the  10 inch strips, one on either side of the center so the picture is on the outside –

The final layer is the longest – the 12 inch pieces. Again layer one on each side so the picture is on the outside –

Even them out so the top is straight and staple the 6 pieces together –




Do the same for the bottom, gathering the 6 pieces to meet evenly on the bottom , gather both sides- the longer pieces will curve out and that’s what we want. Staple the bottom together –




That’s it! So easy and fun! Then the key is to get your children involved 🙂





Rowan made a whole bunch of them and with her shorter oddball pieces she cut from making the ornaments, she made tear drop ornaments –

IMG_3861 IMG_3860


Make a dozen and hang on your tree, from a chandelier, or on your front window!



I ended up taping the thread to the ornaments – you could always hole punch a hole to loop the ribbon or thread through.  You can also make these any size – I just make sure each consecutive piece is 2 inches shorter than the middle – so if the middle is 6, then the next is 8 , then 10 etc…


If you want to make huge ones – you could use poster board. Simply keep the solid color or paint, glitter or decorate however you want.  Just keep in mind you’ll have to fool around with the lengths you want  for each of the sides –

Enjoy –

Happy christmas!

Bright Blessings  –

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