Tonight it’s christmas eve

Tonight it’s christmas eve, and while we don’t usually do anything more than wrap presents after the girls have gone to bed, this year will be different. This year we are having our christmas celebration with my family tonight. My husband has been requesting for years that we simply stay home on christmas – to have our own celebration, just the 4 of us. So this year, finally, I am honoring that request.  Tonight my family, sans brother and wife, are coming over for dinner.  I am making dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and dinner again tomorrow evening (for 4).  After, friends are coming over for drinks and a rousing game of “Cards Against Humanity” –

There’s still some cleaning left to do, mopping and the vacuuming. Oh the vacuuming. With 2 dogs I am forever vacuuming! And dinner prep. The meat is thawing in the fridge, potatoes are waiting to be cut. Pie waiting to be baked.

What’s on the menu tonight?

Ground beef Wellington – a Jamie Oliver recipe – Meatloaf mixed with sautéed onions, celery, carrots, potato, mushrooms, and an egg, Then all wrapped up in puff pastry. It is delicious. I found the recipe years ago in his “Jamie”s Food Revolution” cookbook.  This was requested by one of my daughters. Ham was requested by the other so we are having both. Beef wellington tonight and ham tomorrow –


Here’s a recipe for mini wellingtons –

Along with that we’ll be serving mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, homemade bread and another Jamie recipe – Cherry tomatoes with capers and balsamic vinegar. Again from the same cookbook. My girls love this recipe. Tomatoes simmered with capers and balsamic vinegar! Delicious!


Recipes to follow later in the week 🙂  I’m trying to decide if I have the mental wherewithal to make and bake more-

Have a wonderful week and I will catch up later on this week –

Bright Blessings –


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