Make it Monday

Hey there! I hope your holidays were awesome and perfect! Ours were – Rowan got a new camera and Jaia got a new DS – I was lucky and got a new iPad mini 🙂 Super happy over here. Rowan also got a new tea pot with some flowering teas

and Jaia got Samantha (American girl doll #6) Oiy. That was from Grandma –

Then Saturday we went for a riding lesson –


The lesson was fabulous but I of course got sick –  I put the blame on Row’s horse Pharma because it took us almost 40? minutes chasing her in the cold and rain to catch her! Her new name is Da** Mare.

Today’s project needed to be fast, simple and fun to use and wear.  Elastic headbands and hair ties!


Gather your supplies: Sewing machine and fold over elastic or decorative elastic. I found 1 inch elastic at our big box fabric store, and really cute 1/2 inch elastic.



First measure the head you are making headbands for – and cut your elastic 4 inches shorter than that measurement. Example – Jaia’s head measures 21 inches so I cut the elastic 17 inches. – that makes it not too tight and small and gives enough give 🙂 to fit around the head.



Cut your length of elastic and simply fold the elastic in half and sew. I sew back and forth 4 or 5 times so there’s a good hold on the seam. The elastic I found has a cute front and back so just pick a side for show!







When you’ve finished sewing, trim the thread and cut the edge with pinking shears (or not). And voila! Cute easy hair headbands!



The hair ties are just as easy – grab your elastic. It usually comes in packets of 36 inches.


This makes 4 hair ties that end up being 9 inches each in length. Measure out your hair ties and cut – 9 inches each.



Simply fold and holding both pieces – tie at the end.




These are so easy! And cheap too!  So much easier to pay $3.00 for elastic and make 4 of your own than go to a “chic” mall store and pay $5 or $6 for one! Jaia ended up making some for her friends at dance for the christmas goodie  bags she made. I found elastic that said “dance” – perfect! Make  a bunch!  Keep. Give out as gifts –




Bright Blessings!


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