Make it Monday

So the holiday’s are finally over. My husband’s birthday as well (on January 1st) so now life seems to be getting back to normal here in our bubble in the world. School starts for us today although I don’t see us really back into the swing of things until Wednesday or Thursday –

I DID manage to get my Make it Monday project done yesterday! But getting up, meditating, hitting an 8:30 yoga class and then lunch with my husband stood me up a bit in posting this – But here we go!

Simple, quick and easy skirts for 18 inch dolls (or American girl dolls)


Grab your supplies – fabric ( I dug through my scrap bin for this ), elastic , (I found the 3/8 work quite well), scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine and serger (optional). Oh! and doll – this is Saige. She came along to help me with this project 🙂



This is really a very easy project. The skirt itself is one piece of fabric 16 inches wide by 7.5 inches long. There are 4 rows of stitching –

The first thing I did was to measure Saige – her waist is 10.5 inches and I wanted the skirt to hit her knees, which are about 6 inches from her waist –



IMG_3975The skirt I made is 1 1/2 times her waist, 16 inches (rounding up) – and 7.5 inch long to account for the elastic channel and the hemming –

IMG_3981 You can make a paper pattern or cut the fabric directly with the measurements. I found it easier to make a pattern since I had multiple dolls to sew for – My pattern in 8 inches by 7.5 long.  (8 inches waist, 7.5 length with allowances for elastic and hemming)

Placing the pattern on the fold of the fabric – cut out your skirt piece –




Once you have your skirt cut out you can serge all around the edges (or not – your call)

IMG_3984Serging or not – take one long end and fold it down about 1 inch. This is where we’ll form the channel for the elastic. Pin if you need to  –




You’ll make 2 lines of stitching here – I like to make the first row near the top of the fold –



And using the foot as a guide – the second row of stitching near the serged end – or cut end – making a channel for the elastic to be threaded through – Make sure your elastic will fit!




When your channel is sewn – Yes it’s still a rectangle with a channel at one side – You are going to take your elastic and using a safety pin – pull, scrunch and maneuver your elastic through the channel until the safety pin comes out the other end –

IMG_4033 IMG_4034


Your elastic needs to be 2 inches smaller than the American girl dolls actual waist – So 8.5 inches. I like to measure the elastic and make a pen mark at the measurement and cut after I’ve pulled the elastic through –

When the elastic with the pin is through – then take the pin out and using a straight pin – pin it




So once the elastic is through – scrunch the fabric onto the elastic until you see the pen mark/measurement – Pin it –

Then fold your skirt, right sides together and line up the edges –



I pin right through both sides of the elastic at the waist band –

Sew all the way down =





This is what the back will look like –



Now you can hem the bottom or leave the serged end –

To hem I simply fold up the fabric about 1/8 inch using the serged edge as a guide – sew all the way around . If you didn’t serge simply fold the bottom up and sew.





Voila! Saige modeling her new skirt!

Make one or make many!



So to recap and maybe make it easier to understand 🙂

1 – cut a fabric piece 16 inches by 7.5 inches (if you want a pouffier skirt you can double the waist measurement and make your fabric piece 22 inches – (the blue skirt on the end is doubled)

cut your elastic as well or mark a piece that’s 8 1/2 inches long.

2 – fold down one long edge about one inch and  sew along edge forming a 1/2 inch channel  for the elastic

3 – using a safety pin – maneuver the elastic through the channel and out both ends scrunching up the fabric as you go along to fit the length of the elastic 8.5 inches =

4- Folding the skirt in half – right sides together sew up the edge- elastic and all.

5 – hem

6 – put on doll

Oiiy! I hope you got all that and that I explained in well enough – It’s really very easy!

Bright Blessings!

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