Make it Monday

Sorry this is late in posting again today. Yesterday and today have been a wee bit hectic. Rowan was supposed to have a riding lesson yesterday morning  – we headed over and Rowan was able to grab her mare right away for a happy change.


During her grooming of Pharma she noticed that Pharam’s front leg was just slightly swollen and Ph didn’t like it being touchéd. We called in reinforcements  – the owner of the barn and another seasoned cowboy (literally). Fearing the worst (what owner doesn’t?) it was finally decided that it was probably a bruise and that we should ice for 20 minutes off 20 minutes etc…if it wasn’t better today we were to call the vet.  So that was our morning, And later the after noon we went back over to check on her.

Today – our 13 year old dog had a vet appointment – then back to the barn to check on the horse. Her leg is fine! Home for 1 1/2 hours until we leave for dance –

For today’s Make it Monday we are making elderberry “syrup” – With flu season fully upon us our bodies can use any help they can get staying healthy! Elderberries are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A and they are antiviral and immune stimulating.

I apologize I don’t remember exactly where I saw this recipe the first time  – I’ve made it so many times over these past 2 years or so that I don’t even look up the recipe any more!

You’ll need dried elderberries, water, and honey. A sauce pan to simmer the berries in, a strainer, a bowl under the strainer, cheese cloth (or in a pinch coffee filters will do), and a jar to store your syrup in .



I ordered my elderberries in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs -

Start by measuring 1 cup of berries and place them in your sauce pan –



Then add 4 cups of filtered water  –

IMG_4088before simmering


Let these simmer on low to medium heat for at least 45 minutes – Don’t let it boil! Just a gentle, gentle simmer. You are going to reduce the liquid by half when all is said and done. Mine actually simmered for a good 2 hours.



after simmering

While the berries are simmering – line your sieve with cheesecloth or coffee filters –



Place the sieve in the bowl you’ll be catching the strained liquid in –




After at least 45 minutes to 2 hours or so – strain your berries and press out all the liquid.







I had about 2 cups of elderberry liquid –




Let this cool for a little while –


When it’s body temperature – add  about/at least 1 cup of honey-  I have read that you double the amount of honey so if I had one cup of juice I would add 2 cups of honey. I actually have never tried that- It would certainly make a more syrupy syrup. This recipe as  I make it has always seemed to work for us

-Stir it until the honey dissolves –



When the honey is dissolved into the elderberry syrup you are finished!  Pour it into a jar and store it in your fridge – I like to take a tablespoon or two a day (sometimes more). It will keep in your fridge for a few weeks –  Drink daily! enjoy!

Bright Blessings

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