So far this week has been a whirlwind of errands, running, dance, horse care and yoga. We are not getting much school work done. As a homeschool parent I constantly worry that I’m doing enough to educate my girls for the life ahead of them.  Are they learning enough math or history. Or Grammar.  But they are, and in all our chaotic running around and grocery shopping and riding lessons , they are also learning about life.  They are learning how to cook for themselves (from scratch)  and do laundry, hopefully how to organize and maybe to sew. Very important things in their own right.  I have come to the realization that I do need to be more “hands on ” again though. More present with them.

For years I’ve squeezed in all our learning during the “traditional” school year – September through May – partly because every summer we would help with 6 weeks of summer camp at our old barn. That took us literally from the week schools were out to the week before they went back. Not a lot of time for anything extra.  This past summer we did not help with camps at all. The girls were done with that. It’s hot, hard work and they didn’t get paid much at all. Because we chose to not help with camp  – we sat around bored a lot this past summer –

While I was driving around earlier this week – mentally freaking out about when we are going to get all our work in – I had an epiphany. We DON’T have to be done by May – there’s absolutely nothing to keep us schooling throughout the summer when it’s too hot to be out and about.  I heaved a sign of relief realizing that it’s OKAY to do that. It’s been a load off my chest this week with all our errands and running and nonsense – I know it’s a small thing really – but it hadn’t clicked! We homeschool for a reason and I need to remember that flexibility is certainly one of those reasons. The girls, too, are okay with that. Boredom is  – well – boring – so why not fill up that time and be a little more relaxed all year round?

This year I’m learning to step back and breath. Everything will turn out as it should.



One of my favorite pictures from our Florida trip in November –

Bright Blessings –

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