Out of the Loop

Wow – It’s already Wednesday. I’m a little bit off today, energy is low and totally feeling like curling up with a book and doing nothing   – but – you know us moms. I hit yoga this morning after a 5 day break, and it was totally what I needed.   Home to take Rowan to the barn to ride, school work with Jaia in the car and home again. Grocery store run and dance tonight.

Whew – I do apologize for missing my “make it monday” series this week. My husband and I were lucky enough to be included in the fully paid for vacation to Cancun by his company.  It was both wonderful and meh at the same time. Wonderful in that I got to spend 4 days with my husband sans kids and I didn’t even have to worry about them! Meh because this was an adult’s only all inclusive trip to a family friendly resort. Please don’t get me wrong –  I love kids (have two of my own:) and this would be the perfect place if we had gone as a family – BUT – we went as adults and the last thing you want as adults going away for quiet and relaxation – is a lot of partiers and other people’s kids running all over.  We go lucky though, though and ended up with a swim up room attached to the “private swimming area” for those guests only.  We spend a LOT of time there reading and vegging out. The weather was gorgeous!





We are home now and happy about it too – colder weather and all! Make it Monday will resume – well – on Monday!

Bright Blessings!


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