Taking care of oneself

For several months now I”ve been going to yoga classes. It started out one evening a week where I could “fit it in” – meaning I would drop J off at dance and make a mad dash over to yoga, then when if was over, make a mad dash back to pick J up. Yoga itself was calming and wonderful but the time around it was filled with rushing and dashing to get things done.

The wonderful teacher who taught that class I made it to on Tuesday nights, left that yoga studio shortly after to open her own, yet I still made that mad dash to and from yoga. I felt that that time was the only time I could make it work.

Several weeks later she had  a special for new students  -$30 for 3o days and I made the switch. I’ve been attending that yoga studio ever since. I no longer make that mad dash within the 1 1/2 hours of Jaia’s dance class – I now make time specifically to go to yoga class. I needed it/ I NEED it- to grow myself- to grow my marriage – to grow as a woman and not just a mom .

January she offered a yoga challenge – a 30 day challenge – I signed up immediately and was going pretty consistently, every day I made time to hit a yoga class. Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, restorative yoga –  you name it – I’ve tried it out. Of course I signed up knowing that for 4 or 5 days of our trip I would not be going to yoga- plans to hit the yoga studio in Cancun fell through.

Returning from Cancun I immediately tried to jump back into that daily routine of hitting the yoga mat at the studio – However I came home feeling drained, exhausted and fighting off some head cold stuff. I realized that as much as I LOVE going to yoga class and sitting there on the mat with other likeminded women and men, there were times that taking care of my body and self ALSO meant not going to yoga. I canceled my evening yoga class and stayed home with my girls. My husband was at a business dinner so my girls and I made homemade panini’s (instructions to come), had a picnic on the floor of the living room, with wine for me,  and played Clue Jr. (Rowan won)


That evening – just last night – I took care of my self and soul in a different way. I listened to my heart and respected my need to not go out – to not go to yoga but  to stay and spend time with my girls.

After dinner I lit a candle, had a  cup of tea  and finished the book I started in Cancun. It was really just what my heart needed.



Bright Blessings –

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