Make it Monday

It’s winter- Cold and dreary and brown. Although our winter has been mild so far -there is still no color outside at all. No warmth. Sometimes I like to bring some warmth inside by lighting candles and by diffusing some essential oils into the air – oils like joy and lavender –

I also like using those oils to make our own  salves and lip balms . I made my very first batch of lip balms right before christmas this year and they turned out fabulous! They are actually my favorite go to lip balm to use (when I can find them that is) –

This weekend I decided to try my hand at making candles! I never realized exactly how EASY making candles is. It’s as simple as melt (beeswax) and pour!   I found  a lot of different instructions – some called for more ingredients than others – Some called for a 50/50 blend of beeswax and coconut oil. The coconut oil is in there I believe, to keep the beeswax from cracking too much. I’m not so worried about cracking candles, and I didn’t have a ton of coconut oil to use –  so I tired out my own combination of oil and beeswax.

You’ll need beeswax, wicks, coconut oil, your choice of essential oils, and small jars to make your candles in- Beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs of course  –



I chose medium size wicks for my candles since I knew I was making smaller jared candles – and they have these metal holders on the bottom so it’s easier to fix them to the bottom of the jar –



They were also twice the length I needed for my jars so after I cut them in half I have another whole length to use (sans clip but no worries!)



You’ll also need a double boiler and a pot –



I like to use this beaker for my double boiler – I found it at our teacher recycling center.  The small glass jars or cups in the picture  I found at a thrift store for 50 cents each and the white container was an old makeup jar at some point in time. Not sure exactly where it came from though. Wash and dry your containers thoroughly –

Since I only wanted to try making candles I started with just 2 jars – one glass one and the white former makeup jar – For these 2 jars I measured out 1 cup of beeswax pastilles and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  Put the beeswax and oil in  your double boiler or in a jar in a pot of water –



Just let the water simmer and melt down the beeswax and oil. Boiling could cause water to splash out and cause a pretty good burn!





Melting – melting – melting!

When the beeswax is completely melted -pour a small amount in the bottom of the jar and anchor the metal clip into the hardening beeswax – this helped a little – I actually had to use an old fondu tong to help hold the bottom piece down while the beeswax was hardening –



Give it a minute or two to settle and then fill the rest of the jar with the melted beeswax-


Using a clothes pin to hold the wick in place and the fondu tongs to anchor the wick down  – You just need to hold it for a minute or two –

At this point you can add your essential oils –



The pencil didn’t work so much – I switched to a clothes pin 🙂




Cooling –



Done! and the wick is trimmed!




Sitting with my new candle, tea and a book – Quiet time for momma!

So more candle making is on the calendar!! – These would make fabulous gifts! – Happy Candle making!


  1. Storm

    Beeswax gets incredibly, intensely, hot when lit.

    The addition of Coconut Oil to the mix ensures that the beeswax stays a little cooler so that, if it’s set up in a glass jar, the jar won’t shatter and break – a dangerous thing to occur in a home, I’m sure you’d agree.

    It really has absolutely nothing to do with the wax ‘cracking’.


    1. Sarah

      Thanks for your information:) It sounds as if you’ve had some breakage , and I’m sure it is dangerous:( I certainly would not want that to occur at all. I was simply going by what I’ve read.

      Do you have any good sites you recommend? I usually stick to one or two but am always on the lookout for more good information –

      Have a great day!


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