Homemade paninis

If you’ve ever been to St. Louis or maybe Kansas City – you may know that we have a local chain restaurant called St. Louis Bread Co. or Panera outside of St. Louis. Panera carries salads, soups , cold and hot sandwiches called paninis. There are a few panini restaurants around so I know panini’s are not special to our local restaurant. Nevertheless – The girls and I love them and they are sometimes requested for dinner. Especially with soup and especially when it’s cold and dreary outside and your bones are calling for hot, comfort food. We make copy cat Panera chicken frontega panini sandwiches 🙂 Last week while my husband was out having a work dinner, the girls and  I made these for dinner –

This is how we make ours –

You”ll need    – chicken. Rotisserie works and I do this a lot when I’m running behind and didn’t plan well for dinner. I just roasted a couple of chicken breasts for our sandwiches that night. ( Beef also works or pork – whatever strikes your fancy – )

IMG_4241 Focaccia bread – (country bread will work also but Bread Co’s are focaccia)



Mine is from Trader Joe’s –

Cheese – Provel is the cheese of choice for my girls. I like Muenster.

Toppings – red onion, tomato, mayo, siracha sauce,  and spinach are what we usually use – but any topping will do – I’ve also added avocado, jalepeno, pepper jack cheese, artichoke heart – your sandwich is up to you !



Mayo goes down first – I add siracha sauce to mine – then your toppings – Chicken, cheese, tomato and red onion –




Spinach for me –



If you have a sandwich/panini press then fabulous! Other wise I just pop mine in the oven – I place parchment paper on a cookie tray and line up our sandwiches –



Top with some foil or parchment paper, another cookie tray and then I use my cast iron skillet to smash everything down  –





Bake them at 425* for 15 minutes or so – until the cheese is gooey and melted.



Enjoy with chips or carrot sticks, celery sticks or all  – And a glass of wine 🙂

Great comfort food!

Bright blessings –


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