Make it Monday

Both of my girls have their ears pierced -but it’s  my youngest that loves earrings. While buying earrings is fun, we also like to make our own earrings. This time we are using vintage buttons and some leather I picked up in a recycle/up-cycle store to make our own earrings. This will be a two part post. Check back tomorrow for the leather earring directions! We are going to make the  button earrings today!

You’ll need buttons ( I like the buttons that don’t have the holes to sew through) –



I found these at a junk shop somewhere – they have a sea shell design to them –

A wire cutter to cut of the back part of the button –



E6000 glue – I’ve found this to be the best type of glue for this job –



And earring posts and backs.



You can find these at your local craft/sewing store.

Making earrings is really very simple – the hardest thing really is choosing the buttons you want to use to make earrings – Once you’ve make that choice you are going to use the wire nippers to chop off that back piece – the shank –



Like my wire cutters? I really need to buy a new pair  – these are so old and rusty. But they still do the job!



The back pieces after being chopped off.

After they’ve been cut – you may need to use an exacto knife to smooth down the area –



Watch your thumb!

I usually have a container of rice nearby, with a piece of plastic in it, so I have a place to nestle the buttons to hold them steady while the glue dries –





Nestle the buttons firmly in the rice –

Add a drop of glue to each button –





Center the earring posts in the glue on the buttons and set aside overnight – I like to let mine dry anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.

After they are dry (the next morning)  –



Ta Da! Cutie earrings! That go super with any blue jean/ flannel shirt combination 🙂

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