Totally Spacey

So I totally spaced on getting out part two of Make it Monday yesterday. Well –  yesterday was Tuesday and well – Tuesday.  Monday night Rowan had a meeting to attend and we got home late – so I didn’t get the post done then. And – well  – read on – Total non -sense really   –

Tuesday is usually “my” day. The girls have some classes, I go to yoga, have a quite afternoon at home alone, get stuff done. Laundry, bills etc.. You know –  But not yesterday. Jaia stayed home sick from school (totally played me – was feeing fine other than a cough) , I cancelled yoga (but I did it at home!), and there’s this whole FarmVille 2 thing that I’m now addicted to. AND let’s not forget the BBC show “from Larkrise to Candleford” ! However I did manage to get some painting done, dishes,  sneak out for lunch with a good friend, and toss a load of laundry in, vacuum and sweep. Jaia had dance last night  also  and then home for a late dinner, think 9:00, and by that time I wasn’t even thinking of blogging.

I’m much more on the ball today:)

Leather earrings!


Last year while I was shopping for my recycled jewelry class  – Jaia found just enough leather scraps to make a breyer horse saddle. She did and I snatched the rest of the pieces of leather for my project! You only need a small amount of leather – If you can’t find scraps anywhere you could cut up an old purse if you want or a wallet.


You’ll need –

Leather scraps, leather hole punch, jump rings, and earring hooks –


Start by cutting your leather into 4 inch (or 3 whatever works) 1/8 inch strips –



Punch a hole in both ends of the strips of leather –



Take your jump ring – open it a bit by finding the slit and twisting the sides to either direction – and folding the leather strip in half, wiggle it through both sets of holes – You may need to use a needle nose pliers to help hold the jump ring steady while manipulating it through the holes –





Add your earring fish hooks/loops etc…





Close the gap with the pliers and you are done!

IMG_4372 IMG_4373


Jaia made some smaller ones – but she wouldn’t let me take a picture  – silly girl –

Bright Blessings!



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