Jaia recently dug out her play mobile toys again. The girls used to play with them ALL THE TIME but then Jaia started receiving American Girl dolls and all other toys got put to the side.

I wondered why now of all times – She’ll be 12 soon, but she’s  actually having a hard time with that – not wanting to “grow up” – So  I’m wondering if this sudden interest in her toys is her way of – well – NOT growing up 🙂 That’s okay and I am so glad that we homeschool and that at almost 12! she still feels it’s okay to PLAY!  She’ll “grow up” in time and I’m not worried about it. In my opinion 12 year olds should not be flirting with boys anyway –

I walked in the other day to this :



A completely trashed bedroom (it’s still trashed really), but a creation in progress. A play mobile house – The cardboard box is the house and the white squares of paper are the individual rooms –

She worked for days creating each piece of furniture out of folded pieces of paper and masking tape. Beds, couches, etc.. I am often amazed at the things she creates – Maybe an engineer when she grows up??



Her finished house – you can see  beds, a sofa, a desk, shelves, and I think there may be a fridge in there –

Rowan creates too – Dinner last night was made by my almost 17 year old. I am lucky to have a young woman who loves to cook and is willing to take a dinner or two to prepare when I am so busy that I can’t always make a decent dinner –





Chicken and gnocci soup – copied from the Olive Garden soup  – using this recipe –

It was delicious! AND with homemade garlic bread!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bright Blessings –


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