Make it Monday

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I though I’d do some valentines’ crafts this week. It seems fitting – doesn’t it 🙂

I like to have small gifts for the girls and some “healthy” organic/all natural candy and chocolate for them; all ready when they wake on Valentine’s morning!  One year I created these fabulous heart shaped carriers and  hung them on their bedroom doorknobs filled with goodies!


They are pretty easy to throw together and you really only need 2 things – Felt (I use wool felt) and ribbon (I dug around in my stash). At least one main color of felt but you can always add decorations with other colors (stash again ).  A sewing machine is wonderful but you can also hand sew them with no problem.


First create a heart pattern by simply folding a piece of paper in half and drawing a heart shape onto it – you can make these as big or as small as you like, but I find that a normal sized piece of printer paper turned horizontal makes the perfect heart.



Cut out the heart and pin  it to your piece of felt (doubled to make 2 hearts of the same size and shape)



Cut the heart out 🙂 You should have a front and a back piece –



If you’d like you CAN use the  other colors to decorate your heart  –





If you choose to decorate – pin the decorations down and sew  – if you’re not decorating – just skip down a bit 🙂 I decided to decorate only the front of my heart purse –



After you have the decorations sewn or (or not), cut a piece of ribbon at least 12 inches long.

IMG_4424Sand-which it between the front and the back portions of the heart –  Right at the top of the curve – before it turns down to that inner point

IMG_4427At least 6 inches apart – – IMG_4428Pin it all together – And sew! making sure you double sew the spots where the ribbons are.



When you are finished you will have an adorable heart shaped pouch   – You can use it to hold flowers –





Or use it to collect Valentines!



Bright Blessings!



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