Valentine’s Day baggies

Valentine’s day this year falls on Saturday, which also happens to be a big feis weekend for some Midwest Irish dancers. Jaia was so upset that we she had to feis on the 14th that I told her we could make make goodie bags to had out to her friends 🙂

I also made a couple to mail to my niece and nephew 🙂

They are very easy to put together and a great activity for kids to do – and basically you need 2 things – bags and scrapbook paper.  Not including glue:)


You can also use stamps or stickers or simply paint them – Whatever you’d like –

I simply cut heart shapes out of the scrap booking paper and glued them onto the bags. The bags I found at our local Michael’s craft store – and I used a cookie cutter as my heart form –

IMG_4449 IMG_4451



Let them dry and fill them with goodies! I have here organic suckers from Trader Joe’s, tattoos for my nephew and stickers for my niece – I did try to find tattoos for her as well but they didn’t have any!



Jaia made a whole bunch of them for her friends – She also added 2 suckers each and we’ll grab some mini chocolate bars as well to add to the baggies.


Super simple and easy to make – Jaia decorated the bottom with a stamp – I think this will be a  nice surprise for her friends on Saturday and really a good  sugar rush to get them through the rest of feis day!

Bright Blessings!

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