No Make it Monday –

I’m so sorry – there is no make it Monday this week. We were so busy, busy last week prepping for the double Feis; and then both Saturday and Sunday Jaia was competing that I just didn’t get around to it. But she did a fabulous job bringing home 4 second place medals and a fourth on Saturday and two first place medals and a fifth on Sunday! We are so proud!

Some pictures of our crazy week :


Prepping the Zuca for the weekend  –


Valentine’s morning  –


Saturday Feis with the rental dress – She was not going to give me a cute picture here 🙂


Sunday waiting in line to go on stage –


Waiting to see if she won anything on Sunday –


And last but not least – new dress purchase – her very first ever solo dress!


There is so much more that goes on during these weekends. I could literally take thousands of pictures but we are technically not allowed to take them while they are on stage.   The camaraderie of the dancers is wonderful. Even as they are waiting to compete AGAINST each other – they are sitting in the chairs chatting and making new friendships.

Make it Monday will be back next week!

Bright Blessings!

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