Plain old life stuff –

Last night while Jaia was in dance, I made the grocery store run. It was nice to fit it in at a time I could go by myself. I went slow and didn’t actually have to say NO 50 times in the course of a 1/2 hour! yes I still do this with my almost 12 year old girlie. I discovered the BEST/WORST yumminess there last night – Sirracha bacon jerky. Oh my.  I at it on the way back to dance –


Best combination ever.

I arrived home after dance to a wonderful dinner cooked by my wonderful 16 year old! She is starting to take on some of the cooking when I am running around to and from dance or yoga. I love the fact that my 16 year old is taking the initiative and actually searching for recipes and  creating some dishes on her own.


Pan seared chicken thighs seasoned with italian seasoning/ 21  seasoning salute from trader joes, couscous and salad. It was simple and perfect and I ate too much 🙂 oh and ICED TEA!

Thursday her friend is coming over and she is making gnocchi soup with Italian sausage.  I love the fact, that as homeschoolers, I can teach the girls life lessons -like cooking and sewing and laundry – in addition to the “normal” school curriculum.

I took Jaia’s solo dress to be altered this afternoon . I can’t wait to see it! We are traveling out of state in  a couple of weekends to feis again. Oh the life I’d never thought I’d lead. Horses and Dancing.

Hope your week is warm!

Bright Blessings!

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