Make it Monday

Well  – I’ve had an unintentional mini blogging break. We’ve been both crazy busy running around  and when we were home, obnoxiously boring and lazy. Everyone is entitled to those days though right?

Friday night Jaia went to the most awesome Harry Potter themed birthday party. I spent Thursday shopping for and sewing a robe for the party!  Saturday was baking and errands, cleaning and the dance school Trivia night. (fun times!)

Sunday Jaia and I created wall decorations for her room – Our “Make it Monday” post for today.

Both of my girls have their passions. For Rowan it’s horses and dressage; and for Jaia it’s Irish dance. It’s fairly easy to find horse themed bedroom decorations – even if your almost 17 year old is too old for much of it – but there is not a lot of irish dance themed decorations anywhere that I can find.

I wanted to make an irish dancer canvas for Jaia’s wall. You can very easily create a wall hanging using any topic you want. i.e… dance, horses, cars etc… just google “stencils” and tons of black line photos pop up! And  you can make it out of any medium you like as well. I am going to try next making one out of scrapbooking paper and canvas!

I started off by grabbing my supplies – Paint, canvas, paint brushes and my stencil of the irish dance. You can make your own stencil like I did, by searching for pictures online and printing and tracing them onto stencil plastic. I made my stencil so long ago! The stencil plastic sheet I purchased at our local big box fabric store. I believe I found it near the stencils for wall painting etc…. OR by simply purchasing already created patterned stencils  –

I’m sure Martha has tons!


You will want at least 2 colors  – The “main” color for the majority of the canvas and the “accent” color which will be the color of the stencil.

For my stencil, Since I made it and have both the “center”  and the “outer” piece –  I am using the center piece and painting around it. But you can use the outer piece if you choose.


I started by painting the canvas  the color I want the irish dancer to be – the accent color. OR really – Jaia picked the color 🙂


Paint the canvas  and let the paint dry. After the canvas is painted, (making sure the spot where you’re stencil is going to lay is completely covered with paint)  – lay the stencil down.


Begin to paint around it with the main color – holding the piece tightly down so that paint doesn’t creep under the stencil.



I let this part dry for about 5 minutes then removed the stencil and finished painting around the picture –


Finish painting, making sure that you don’t cover the picture!


And that’s it! So easy and fun!


On the wall in her very poorly lit room 🙂

If you are using a store bought stencil you’ll want to paint the canvas the main color first. When it’s dried then lay down the stencil and paint using the accent color. The reverse of what I did.

Bright Blessings!

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