When hubbie is away OR Boring everyday life

When my husband is away on travel – things run a bit differently in our household. Not a bad different or a better different – but just  –  DIFFERENT.  When he’s away – there are only us three ladies in the house.

When hubbie is away I spend mornings I spend at the kitchen table with my laptop and coffee.



While hubbie is away I use his Chemex to make my coffee. It makes a perfect 2 cups of coffee. With half and half and sugar. Perfect.

When hubbie is home I join him on the sofa with my cup of coffee and my laptop.

When hubbie is away we are more lax about dinner time as well. We do sit down together and eat but sometimes it’s after dance at 8:30 and sometimes its before.  Sometimes I make up new meals –


Ramen noodles with leftover grass feed beef and onions.


BLT with the lettuce being kale sprouts instead. YUM!

And many times we have a picnic on the living room floor and play a game together.


The other night we played a mean game of Po-Ke-No.  Rowan won. Sometimes it’s CLUE or SORRY.

Some nights we all just read.

When hubbie is away, I practice making Manhattan’s so I can prepare one for him when he gets home –


Not sure if I made it correctly but it sure was tasty!

When hubbie is away, sometimes Jaia still snuggles with me in bed to sleep.

When hubbie is away we all miss him terribly and count the days until he comes home 🙂

Bright Blessings –

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