Feis prep

When my girlies were babies  – I nursed them, co-slept, carried them around in slings, restricted their media and all sorts of natural parenting things.  I never, never, in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing things like  oh – buying horses, saddles and paying for dressage lessons OR buying wigs, solo dresses and driving for hours JUST so my youngest can compete in Irish Dance!

This weekend, J and I are hiking it up north to a new to us Feis (fesh). Preparing for travel is a days long procedure and I thought I’d share all that I have to do in order to get ready –

It really starts months in advance when you DECIDE which competition to attend. Then there is the signing up, hotel reservations etc..

About 3  – 4 days before I start getting things together. First I pull out the Zuca and check to make sure everything is “stocked”. A zuca being the uber cool bag all dancers “need”. I like it because it’s super durable with its steel frame AND it doubles as a seat!


I make sure we have hair spray,  rubber bands, bobby pins, black hair color (to match the wig), make up, baby wipes,  bleached white socks, and a first aid kit. I also take a sewing kit. Just in case.




I check and double check everything so I have time to run out and grab more whatever if I need it.

I also check to make sure we have soft and hard shoes!

About   a day before I start to pack. I just toss things that I think I’ll need in a suit case and I’ll narrow it down before we head out.


Electronics. must. go.


Charging and ready to go. OH and BOOKS! I’m taking 2.  Also books on tape are great for a hours long car ride. Harry Potter is on tap.  And school work. What better time to get caught up than a 6 hour car ride?

Food is important.  This time our hotel room has a kitchenette, so I’m “saving money” by taking our own food. On the menu? Pasta and meat sauce; grilled cheese and tomato soup. Salami, cheese sticks, hummus and chips, yoghurt, sausages fro AM and potato latkes.  Easy, easy, since apparently I only have a cook top.

Here’s my almost finished pile!



I need to make sure we have absolutely EVERYTHING we need. You know- – – because there are no stores there at all! 😉

And This is only for one Feis!

(Can you imagine what I’ll be going through when Rowan starts showing this summer??)

Wish J luck!

Bright Blessings!

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