Make it Monday

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Jaia and I traveled for a feis this weekend, up to snowy Wisconsin. While she didn’t do fabulous at the feis –  we enjoyed staying and having time together, and Jaia enjoyed the water park 🙂


This project came about rather spontaneously – and I’m glad it did, all because I found these Ikea picture frames at a Goodwill store!



I was super excited when I saw theses – I snatched them up before anyone else could get a hold of them! (We don’t have an ikea YET!)


I think it’s one of my favorite projects to date. So much so that I am doing this same project for my Friday homeschool recycled art class. But I had to order frames from a supply store – I was only lucky enough to find 2 packages of picture frames –

The supplies are simple once again  – you’ll need flat picture frames like the ones above, paint, glue, paintbrushes, and your choice of recycled decorations – i.e. corks, buttons, puzzle pieces, crayons, old books etc.. I used this glue for the project:




Protect your work area with parchment paper, or newspaper – what ever you choose. And begin by painting the picture frame. Doesn’t matter what color, you just want to paint it just in case the material you choose to decorate with doesn’t cover the whole frame.

I chose to mix purple and grey together –





Cover the whole frame, making sure to also paint the sides of the frame.

When the paint is dry, cover a small section of the frame in glue – you don’t necessarily want the cover the while thing at once because you don’t want the glue to dry before you have a chance to decorate it !


Work your way up and around the frame –


Working in sections until the whole frame is covered!


Jaia made one as well –



She painted her frame white and chose puzzle pieces to decorate with. I suggested leaving the puzzle pieces as is, but Jaia chose to paint them pink instead.






Layer if you like – Jaia added 2 layers to her puzzle pieces to cover up some of the large white spots.



Let it dry, pop the glass (or plastic) back in, put the back,  back on and there you have it!



Aren’t they cool!  I think I’m going to make another one using pages from an old, falling apart copy of Pride and Prejudice I have –

Happy Monday -and Bright Blessings!


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