What Jaia creates

Jaia always amazes me with the things she creates. To my chagrin, she’s constantly on her tablet on you tube watching videos. The videos are mainly about American Girls and what people create for them or have for them – i.e.: life size doll houses.

You will not believe how many times I’ve been asked now for a life sized doll house. Big enough to house 4 or 5 AG dolls and all their furniture and stuff. Oiy. Our house is just not big enough unfortunately.

That doesn’t mean Jaia does not create smaller things for them. Just last week Jaia sat down at the kitchen table and made this:







The doll version of “Facebook”.



Instead of an apple……..

She also does things like completely rearrange her bedroom so she can set up one of the sewing machines on a book shelf.



She made a really cool bag for me actually –



And last year when she was on a kick to make anything and everything for her breyer horses.



A tack room made out of a binder.

She’s amazing and smart and someday I picture an engineer in our household. Or the next American Girl furniture/clothing designer 🙂

Hoping you all are staying warm!

Bright Blessings –


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