I have all the supplies……

I am diverging from my normal “Make it Monday” post today because well – simply I was sick this weekend. Still not feeing 100% normal but I am at least up and sitting at the table this morning. Earlier last week I bought all the supplies for me to do my creating on Sunday but oiy – by the time I got home from taking Rowan to the barn I was wiped. Planted myself on the sofa with chills and exhaustion. I felt horrible. I didn’t even cook the lovely grass fed pork loin I had thawed in the fridge. We ate Thai food instead.

BUT I have ALL the supplies so I hope to feel well enough to get my craft on this afternoon to bring you “make it monday” tomorrow. LOL

Last week I got to spend a few days down in tampa with my husband. One of the perks of all the traveling he does is that I have companion pass on all his flights so if we want to take advantage of that then yay! I can. It was literally only 36 hours – only one full day in Tampa.It was enough for us to spend some time in Clearwater – which is GORGEOUS and have a few really tasty grouper meals.  We left Thursday afternoon and were back by Saturday afternoon. It was only my 2nd time in Florida and each time I go I become more smitten with it. I would absolutely love to move there.

IMG_4741 IMG_4742 IMG_4735 IMG_4734 IMG_4716

The only downside was coming home exhausted and ending up sick on Sunday. Oh well – such is life.

I do hope everyone enjoyed THEIR weekend!

Bright Blessings!

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