Not up to snuff

Well today I’m feeling better. Not inclined to lay around on the couch all day like I did yesterday. I watched 3 movies yesterday! Usually TV is off during the day, simply because I feel like there are better things to be done that waste time in front of the screen. But 3 movies! Today I felt good enough to go grocery shopping, but I spent almost $200 and after I paid i thought   “oh crap! – I hope I have actually DINNER foods!” – LOL!

I got dinner foods. Not the healthiest – but dinner nonetheless –

Jaia and I did manage to make our “make it monday” project so I could get that posted today:) It was a fun, simple project – one I’m sure even those most “craft phobic” can do 🙂  It took about 1/2 an hour and I did it during a bout of energy.


We made St. Patricks day scarves using freezer paper and paint! My daughter Irish dances and with that comes all sorts of performances around St. Pat’s day. Saturday we are waling in St. Louis’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade, something we’ve done 3 years now.  Jaia usually has to wear a show costume



(from last year!)

and parents who are walking with their children have to wear pink and black. The school colors. So I thought I’d dress things up a bit this year and throw in some green for St. Pat’s day.  (We have maybe 1/16 Irish blood!)

The supplies you’ll need for this project are jersey knit, I bought mine at our big box fabric store, paint, paint brushes or sponge, scissors, ruler, freezer paper and an iron and ironing board.





I bought 2 yards of knit so I would have 6 feet of uninterrupted feet of fabric to use as a scarf. I laid it out flat on the floor, folded in half, making sure the edges were lined up properly, and measured my scarf to be 10 inches wide.  You could make your scarf wider or narrower, whatever you prefer, but I find that 10 inches is a good size.



The fold is on the right.



Cut to desired width and set that aside for a bit.

Next find some shamrock outlines you like online. I simply googled shamrocks and looked under images. I found 2 I really liked and printed them up.



Tear off a piece of freezer paper – as wide as your scarf, and place it over whichever outline you want to use and trace. The idea is to make a stencil out of the freezer paper which you will then use to paint within. – You’ll see 🙂 Keep reading –





There are 2 sides to freezer paper, the “rough side” and the “shiny side”. Make sure you are tracing on the dull , rough side.

Cut out your shamrocks.



NOW you are going to take your freezer paper with your shamrocks cut out and iron that onto your knit fabric. Lay the fabric flat, making sure there are no wrinkles and place the freezer paper shiny side down onto your fabric.



Iron that straight onto your fabric making sure your iron is not on steam. It needs a medium dry heat. Make sure all the edges are firmly ironed down.






Now the fun part comes! Choose your paint colors and get them ready –



And using a sponge or paint brush simply paint!





Let that sit there when you are finished and give it time to dry, maybe 20 minutes. When the paint is dry you can peel the freezer paper away from the knit.









I like my paint job but I do wish I would have made the shamrocks lighter! For Jaia we went a different route and I make a shamrock stamp using the same outline I printed up and some stamp making rubber –







I traced the shamrock onto the rubber and cut it out with a utility knife, making sure to leave the stem attached to the main part.





Use it like any other stamp –



I like Jaia’s scarf better than mine! Maybe I will make another using the stamp for myself!



The awesome thing about freezer paper scarf making is that you can do this for ANY holiday!  Red or pink for Valentine’s day, Orange or black for Halloween, green and red for Christmas. The possibilities are endless and so is the amount of holiday coordinating scarves you can own!

Bright Blessings!


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