What a week – totally full of self pity

Warning : A post totally lamenting my sick-o week. 🙂

This week was pretty much completely shot. I was sick ALL week and really am not feeling perfect. The cold/flu/plague has settled in my chest and now coughing hurts. But actually I’m feeling so much better than I did Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I hit the grocery store and took Jaia to dance. Wednesday I took Jaia to her private lesson and then had planned on taking Rowan over to the barn to ride – but this happened –  I ran over some big piece of metal in the road.



Now, I’m in Illinois, 30 minutes from home, feeling crappy, husband is in Pittsburgh and totally have never changed a flat before (yes really) and when this happened I totally wanted to curl up in a ball and bawl!  But I pulled myself together (kind of) and went in to ask who I could call. The employee gave me 2 choices – one with in walking distance. So Jaia and I walked down the block to the first choice and damn it all. They closed at 5:00 – It was 5:23.

So I called the second choice number and this was my schpeel –  ” I have a flat, I have the spare and a jack and stupid me has never ever learned to change a tire in my life. Could someone PLEASE just come change my tire so I can go home? I will pay you!”

The WONDERFUL gentleman said  – sure I’ll be there in a bit.

I have no idea this mans name but he’s from Curtis auto body and towing – he came and changed my tire in under 10 minutes with his super tools and then said I owned him NOTHING!  NOTHING!  This is small town life for you. They help without expecting a return and even though I offered to pay him for his time and service he refused.

I am so eternally thankful –

I am going to learn how to change a tire now. I promise! –

Then I drove home with hazard lights on to spend the next 2 hours in the dealer getting new tires put on my car.

We got home after 8:30.

Next week will be better!

Tomorrow starts our week of performances – Irish dancers are big the week of St. Patricks day and Jaia has volunteered for no less than 9 performances ! I will  post pictures 🙂

I hope everyone’s week went much smoother than mine!

Bright Blessings




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